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Try our comprehensive guide to your finances. We have detailed listings of all types of loan providers such as credit cards, unsecured loans and secured loans such as mortgages. We can also show you the best mortgage rates in the UK today.

Our listings are more accurate than normal search engines because they list specific companies who want to offer you great deals on your chosen product. Try a category to see a neat and accurate list of the firms available!

Life Insurance

Protect your business and family with life insurance cover at a discount from the UK's leading providers.
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Critical Illness

Protect yourself financially against critical illnesses such as strokes and cancer. Lump sum payments to soften the blow of illness, which could affect us all.
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Find a loan that best fits your circumstances from a catalogue of loan providers. From £500 to £250,000. Includes useful loan calculator service to make sure you don't over-stretch your finances!
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Credit Cards

Information on credit cards from over 40 providers. Both good and bad credit offers.
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Need a bank account? Fed up with your bank's lack of service? Choose from a wide variety of banks and accounts.
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Car Finance

Car loans from a variety of providers - both well-known and not so well known. Before you know it, you'll be checking out our car insurance policies!
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Share dealing, bonds, unit trusts, pep transfers. You think of it, we have it all here under one roof. The ultimate one-stop shop for investments.
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Everything you need to know about mortgages. The A to Z of mortgages, links to estate agents, all types of mortgage providers, remortgage companies and a whole lot more.
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The state pension just isn't enough. Prepare for a healthy, wealthy retirement with a pension product tailor-made to your lifestyle and circumstances.
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School fee planning, lump sum savings and regular contribution savings plans and their taxation. Let us take the headache out of the complicated savings market.
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Travel Money

Buy your travel money online. Avoid the queues or banks without enough of the currency you require! Swift, door-to-door delivery.
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Financial Security
It can happen to anyone - serious illness can cause financial hardship for yourself and your family. Why not investigate a solution that could give you peace of mind for less than you think? More...
Credit Cards
A credit card is a convenient and simple way to spread your spending over a longer period. Try our list of the most popular, usually with 0% interest for 6 months! More...
Are you buying your first home? Your mortgage is one of the most important choices you will ever make. Check out or comprehensive list of providers. More...

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